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"It's like Live Aid meets Top of The Pops with the sexy dance troupe Legs 'n' Co"

Mike Read - Ex Radio One, Saturday Superstore and Top of the Pops presenter


"As I walked into the Liverpool Empire last night it was as if I had stepped back 20 years" ........ "The dancers who accompanied the vocal artists were incredible and reminiscing about the 1980s is easy when songs like Just Can't Get Enough, Tainted Love and Video Killed the Radio Star are blasting from the stage" ........"The audience were on their feet and enjoying every minute of the performance of this multi-talented cast"

Tracy Owen - Click Liverpool. For full review Click here

"Wow what an evening! It was a fantastic 1980s music extravaganza worth waiting for" ......... "It was entertaining from start to finish with men in tight leather Wham!-style outfits and ladies in bright tights, frilly frocks and shoulder pads singing the likes of You Spin Me Round by Dead or Alive, Rio by Duran Duran, Kids in America by Kim Wilde" ......... "Lots of dancing, arm waving, and very loud singing. We loved it!”

Karen Gardner - Northampton Chronicle and Echo

Reviews from audience members

"The cast seemed to genuinely enjoy themselves which in turn meant the audience did"........ "If you love 80's music, costumes, colours and aren't shy to dance in the aisles then this is for you!”


“We love the 80s and we LOVED this show... The theatre was packed out with people all dressed up in 80s gear, singing, dancing and screaming all night. I have never seen anything like it - The Grove Theatre was rocking!

"We knew it would be a party atmosphere and that’s why we went. We were led to believe it was a fantasy concert from the 80s and that it certainly was!”........ "The singers did an amazing job! Singing live, running around, acting, doing loads of clothes changes”........ "This is one of the best shows I and my friends have seen at any theatre. We wish it all the success in the world, and anyone who loves the 80s and better still were 80s teens then get and see it"


"The 7 of us girls went together - 3 mums and 4 friends. One of the best nights out I've had in years - great 80s songs, one after another - never sang so much! Time flew and before I knew it the curtain was down and I thought, they didn't play my favourite ('Together in electric dreams") then on it came, couldn't believe it!