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Carpenters Gold – Live in Concert

Produced by The Reunion Group

Carpenters Gold authentically performs their Greatest hits, such as Goodbye to Love, Solitaire, We've Only Just Begun, Top of the World, Yesterday Once More, Superstar, plus many more; recreating the look and sound of their worldwide 1970 tours, including a special highlight where 'Karen' plays the drums with her full live backing band.

The iconic voice of Karen Carpenter is a magically soothing one, and few vocalists can attempt to emulate her accurately.
But International West End vocalist Vikki Holland-Bowyer has the warm dulcet tones which sound uncannily similar to the superstar.
She undertakes the character of Karen superbly, paying meticulous attention to her mannerisms, 'brother – sister' relationship with 'Richard', and the playful interaction with her band and audience.

'Richard Carpenter', played by musical arranger vocalist Greg Stevenson, is also featured in the show performing on the piano, alongside his 'sister' enjoying on stage humour, often introducing the array of hits whilst light-heartedly engaging with his musicians.

Carpenters Gold supremely captures how they were ‘live in concert’ and is a must for all fans of the fantastic Karen and Richard.

CLICK HERE to listen to Vikki as 'Karen'



Vikki, Emma and Greg are to feature as "The League of Humans" in Elevator Gods. A film about a group of mates reforming their Duran Duran tribute band to win a competition. "The League of Humans", a Human League tribute band compete against the Duran boys in the film finale

The League of Humans (left) had a great day on set with Ralph Brown (right) star of Withnail and I, Waynes World 2 and Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace and Trevor and Simon (far left) from BBC1 children's TV series Going Live! and Live and Kicking

** UPDATE **

Elevator Gods is currently in 'Post Production'

Should be out soon Fingers Crossed !!